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    Hot Shots Vapor was founded 2013 in Calgary by two people who wanted to quit smoking and searched for a better and safer alternative to enjoy a recreational habit. Funny thing is that we enjoyed smoking, just not the health repercussions and smell that came along with it. When we were introduced to the electronic cigarette, it became an immediate replacement for us. We were simply amazed on how effective it was to immediately replace smoking. Over the past few years, we tried many different brands of products and have searched to relentlessly to find the very best products in the industry. During our pursuit we stumbled across products that we feel are superior in quality, safety and commitment. We were so passionate about the products that we decided to start a business venture together. Together, we bring over 45+ years of retail experience in sales, marketing, purchasing, finance and management. The result is Hot Shots Vapor. Our mission is to provide the safest and highest quality products on the market, while providing superior customer satisfaction.


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